The premise of Word It is deceptively simple and, ideally, creatively addictive.

PrattMWP Communications Design Students are constantly creating word images for a Visual Communications course taught by Associate Professor Cindy Buckley Koren. Students are asked to select a word from the category list and upload a minimum of one image per week. The objective is to create a searchable database of useful visual representations that may be shared through the creative commons license while exposing students to a networking system that promotes their art, design, and future careers.

Over the years Word Its have provided a nice respite from class work and a space for visual tomfoolery as well as for testing out ideas and allowing your gut to react to the simplest of cues: Words.

There are zero limitations.

The idea is that each Word It defines their own challenge and set their own expectations.

So please feel free to utilize these graphic images to compliment your own blog entry. * BUT… be sure to credit our artist and point a link back to Wordits 2014.  Feedback is also appreciated.

Word It was originally a feature of the legendary blog  Speak Up, actively running since April of 2003 and in March of 2009 it was spun off into its very own “word it” blog  which sadly ended on February 2, 2010.

*for non profit only, if you would like to purchase the rights for a commercial project we would be happy to accommodate or create custom graphics for a fee. contact:  info@meetinghouse.co for more information.



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